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  • Belize is less-known tax heaven, located on the coast of Central America. Belize borders with Mexico and Guatemala.

    Capital: Belmopan

    Official languages: English, Spanish

    Official currency of Belize: Belize dollar (BZD), fixed exchange rate to the US dollar (2BZD/USD), or US Dollar

    Description and advantages of Belize offshore company

    • For offshore purposes is used the International Business Company (similar to Czech s.r.o.)
    • Zero income tax when income becomes outside Belize
    • Unlimited amount of share (basic) capital of the company, this capital do not have to be paid
    • Bookkeeping or annual submission of tax returns is not required
    • Advantageous for the registration of ships and vessels
    • The use of nominee service (nominee shareholder and nominee director)
    • Confidential commercial register – data on persons involved in the company has a registered agent only


    International Treaties

    International treaties to curb money-laundering and the financing of terrorism

    Belize has signed these treaties. Practical importance of these agreements for the owners of offshore companies is particularly in the case of suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing by authorities against the Belize company. In this situation the registered agent is allowed to disclose the personal data of persons involved in the company and the basic description of its activities to authorities and further according to international cooperation transmit the data to other country as well to the Czech Republic.


    Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements between Belize and the Czech Republic

    Is not concluded. To direct payments from the Czech Republic to Belize is necessary to apply withholding taxes. Belize offshore company is not suitable for direct sale of goods or services into the Czech Republic.


    Tax Information Exchange Agreements between Belize and the Czech Republic

    Is not concluded.


    Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters

    It is concluded – a lower level of anonymity of property. Provides the possibility of exchange of information in tax matters.

    Common usage of Belize company

    • holding, parent company, other companies for the purpose of anonymous property
    • direct sale of goods and services where there is no need to use Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and there is no risk of withholding taxes – eg. within other offshore destinations
    • registration of ships and vessels
    • means to obtain Belize citizenship


    The Advantages

    By incorporation in Belize the business receives a wide variety of competitive advantages, including:
    • international level for performing business
    • no requirements for profession or financial situation of directors
    • no reporting requirements
    • no accounting requirements
    • no duty on any type of income
    • legal exemption from tax
    • the highest level of privacy
    • stable jurisdiction with very good reputation
    • bearer shares are permitted
    • companies registered in Belize shall be exempt from any type of taxation, they have a capacity to perform any types of business and may have clients, suppliers and employees from any country


    What is included

    • annual license fee
    • company director and company office – the fee until 31st of December


    Belize offshore company incorporation

    Belize currently offers one of the most competitive and attractive offshore jurisdiction in the world in connection with confidential offshore law. Belize is the only country in Central and South America with English as an official language.


    Mainland country with a diversified national economy, Belize does not stand out as a distinct “tax heaven”.

    Belize has modern International Business Companies Act, Hedge funds law and Offshore banks Act, all focused on providing the best environment and benefits for international investors and entrepreneurs. These laws are effectively supported by the financial service sector.

    Belize does not disclose information even on suspicious of tax evasion or similar reasons. In addition it is completely tax-free the Belize IBC has no requirement for the minimum amount of paid-up capital, also no requirements for providing reports on the accounts.


    Bearer shares

    No record of directors and shareholders in a public register, the availability of bearer shares (immobilized).


    Client confidentiality is strongly grounded in Belize business legislation. In Belize legal system is also grounded the prohibition of sharing information, confidentiality and sharing agreements which protects the law and judiciary. In these respects Belize is sufficiently secure and confidential offshore jurisdiction.

    Belize IBC is an ideal tool for all international business or services.


    Types of companies

    • Limited, LTD
    • Corporation , CORP
    • INC
    • Socite Anonyme , S.A.
    • Aktiengesellschaft, A.G.


    Belize Bank Account

    Additionally, we can help you with opening a bank account in Belize for your company.


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Agreement on Processing of Personal Data CZ / EN